020June 9, 2024, 2024 Gilded Age Architecture Walking Tour 11:00 AM


Gilded Age Architecture


Woodlawn Cemetery, Jerome Avenue Entrance

Date & Time

June 9, 2024 11:00 AM


Gilded Age Architecture

Spend an hour with Woodlawn Architectural Historian Anthony Pellino exploring the bold personalities, cultural forces and wonderful artistry of some of Woodlawn’s funerary masterpieces as we walk through the cemetery.  Each talk will focus on a different aspect of artistry and design explained in terms of how patrons, designers and artists make the decisions that go into a finished work.

Architecture: The patrons, designers, and artisans of the Gilded Age consciously used design as a way to put themselves on an egual footing with their European peers. This was a toweringly ambitious project which succeeded as much due to the resources invested as the brilliance of the people involved. Join us at Woodlawn to explore some of the ways our designers and patrons used architecture both in their magnificent homes and their final resting places to solidify their place in society and history.



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